World Fish Migration Day Events Planned For Saturday April 21, 2018

What exactly is World Fish Migration Day you might ask. Well, so did I in some aspect. Migratory fish move on a regular basis, whether it be for feeding or spawning. In years past, we have seen dams built in our river systems, decimating many species over the years. Species of which have been very important to our ecosystems, our economies, and our quality of life. The World Fish Migration Day is a one day global-local event to create awareness on the importance of open rivers and migratory fish. Many groups are working together to restore runs of these migratory fish. Learn more and see the fishways that have been built to get fish around dams by visiting a site where a dam was removed. Come see how beautiful the restored site is. Below is a link to more information and local events in your area.

Connecticut Events and Details via The Connecticut River Salmon Association (14 locations statewide)

This year, World Fish Migration Day closely aligns with the migration of Alewife, a native river herring in Connecticut. – Courtesy of The Connecticut River Salmon Association


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