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Freshwater & saltwater fishing reports. Want to know whats biting, what they are biting on and where they are biting? Check out the latest reports from other anglers, businesses and agencies from around New Hampshire.

  • New Hampshire Fishing Reports

    • New Hampshire Fish & Game Fishing Report (8/11/2017)

      August is vacation time for many folks and families with kids having some fun before school starts up in a few short weeks. Plenty of opportunity to get the kiddos onto some fish while you are camping or renting a cottage on the lake. A few dug worms and a […]

    • New Hampshire Fish & Game Fishing Report (7/18/2017)

      This summer, it seems like we’ve been on a weather rollercoaster, with big swings in temperatures and stream flows.  The successful angler will heed the old scout’s motto of “be prepared.”  Resolve to change up your methods and gear if you’re not catching much.  The weather has the fish confused […]

    • New Hampshire Fishing Report #16

      Greetings, anglers! “Summertime and the livin’ is easy, fish are jumpin’ and the cotton is high…” so goes the old Gershwin tune. Well, we may not have any cotton in the Granite State but probably a few bass jumping!  It’s the middle of July already and the “dog days” of […]

    • New Hampshire Fishing Report #15

      Greetings, anglers! The “hex” is on in New Hampshire! No, not some evil spell cast upon the waters by some disturbed witch, but a wonderful natural event in the world of aquatic insects. This is the time of year when the huge mayfly, Hexagenia limbata, makes its appearance on some New Hampshire […]

    • New Hampshire Fishing Report #14

      Greetings, anglers!  The recent cold snap appears to be over and warmer temperatures and calm winds are in the forecast for the next week or so.   Bass spawning is winding down throughout the state and the catch-and-release season has ended as of June 15. Live bait can again be used […]

    • New Hampshire Fishing Report #13

      Greetings, anglers! Summer-like temperatures have really turned the fishing on for trout and bass in the Granite State.   Insect hatches are coming on strong in southern New Hampshire, and will soon be in abundance up north.  Bass spawning is in various stages depending on the type of waterbody.  Many of […]

    • New Hampshire Fishing Report #12

      Greetings, anglers! Saturday May 21 is World Fish Migration Day!  This is a one day global event to create awareness of the importance of open rivers and migratory fish. The river herring run is in full bloom in the Merrimack and several of our coastal rivers. Be sure and check […]

    • New Hampshire Fishing Report #11

      Greetings, anglers! Wind from the East, fish bite the least, wind from the West fish bite the best!  It seems a persistent east wind has dampened fish appetites of late but you can be sure things will change soon as the weather warms and insect life bursts forth.  Bass are […]

    • New Hampshire Fishing Report #10

      Greetings, anglers! Stocking trucks are rolling! See where the fish were delivered last week on our weekly trout stocking report. We update stocking information on the Fish and Game website on Thursday afternoons throughout the season, and a link is posted to the Department’s Facebook page. Trout stocking: read this […]

    • New Hampshire Fishing Report #9

      North Country Fishing is no different from any other sport in that weather conditions play a vital role. Golfers have to consider the moisture on the grass and adjust their swing, baseball players have to account for the wind and recalculate chasing fly balls, and football players have to be […]

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