New Hampshire Ice Fishing Conditions

New Hampshire Ice Fishing Conditions


These conditions have been acquired from multiple sources and are to be used as basic guidance for where “safe” ice can be found. Remember, ice is never 100% safe and these conditions are only to be used as guidance. It is 100% your responsibility to assure a location is safe to venture out onto. Fishing Northeast in no way will be held responsible for mishaps or inaccurate information. Have any other ice reports? Please comment below or contact us with details.


Please use extreme caution with these ice conditions. After last weeks warm temperatures and rain we saw many issues with edges, running water and drilled holes opening up on the ice from rain drainage. Many of these reports are from prior to the warmup as anglers have been slow to venture back into areas due to unsafe conditions.

Pleasant Lake 6-10 inches 1-3
Squamscott river 8 inches 1-2
Ottarnic Pond 7 inches 12-30
Massabesic Lake 10-14 inches 1-7
Lake Winnipesaukee, Twentymile Bay 14 inches 1-8
Lake Sunapee 5-14 inches 1-15
Lake Winnisquam 10 inches 1-7
Cobbetts Pond 10+ inches 1-8
Lake Winnipesaukee, Alton Bay 13 inches 1-7
Beaver Pond 6 inches 1-7
Sportsmans Pond 11 inches 12-31
Lake Winnipesaukee, Roberts Cove 10-18 inches 1-15
Angle Pond 8 inches 1-13
Lake Winnipesaukee, Meredith Bay 11-17 inches 1-14
Lake Winnipesaukee, Saunders Bay 12-14 inches 1-14
Lake Winnipesaukee, Center Harbor 12-14 inches 1-14
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