Latest Ice Conditions From The Fishing Northeast Region

Fishing Northeast strives to bring you the most up to date ice reports from New York, Connecticut, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. This report takes about two days to compile across a number of outlets and we try to bring them to you every week or two. Be aware that some reports are older because there have been no updates provided amongst our research. Be advised, there is no “uniform” of ice conditions this season as we have seen bitter cold, followed by snow, then warm spells with rain storms and then more cold. New ice is always the strongest ice. The ice we have now is old with layers of “crap” so while you may drill 8 inches in one location, just two feet away may see 2 inches. Also remember, moving water makes for weaker ice. With the warmth and rains most rivers and streams have really picked up the flow into our lakes so the best advice we have is stay away from these areas.

New York Ice Conditions
Connecticut Ice Conditions
Vermont Ice Conditions
Maine Ice Conditions
New Hampshire Ice Conditions
Rhode Island Ice Conditions
Massachusetts Ice Conditions


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