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A lot goes on behind the scenes of Fishing Northeast. Thousands of news articles are sorted through to keep you updated on events here and around the world. Hundreds of emails are read and replied to. Several thousand posts and comments are watched, in real time, to try to keep unwanted and solicited posts off all seven of our Facebook forums.

There is always an event being organized and sponsorships getting formed. That is just the tip of the ice berg. It takes an extraordinary amount of time and effort to keep all of our forums and our website up to standard, so as you can imagine, it gets pretty chaotic.

We would like to share with you a little about the staff at Fishing Northeast who donate their spare time to make Fishing Northeast a community for all ages to enjoy. Come Meet the Team.

Scott Garland -Owner/Creator

scott garland

Founder and creator of and its sister groups on Facebook. Scott is a self-taught angler, growing up, learning the ropes of angling with friends from around the age of eight or nine. Now a parent of two boys and less time to be on the water, he decided to create Fishing CT as a means to stay connected to the fishing world, using the stories and photos to continue his enjoyment. With the success of Fishing CT, Scott embarked on a new adventure. One that would give back to the fishing community throughout the Northeast. Scott is a proud member of Connecticut’s Fisheries Advisory Council (FAC) in which he was resently named the Membership Committee Chairman. Scott also became a certified DEEP Connecticut Aquatic Resources Education (CARE) instructor during February of 2017.

Jennifer Garland

jenn koehler

Jennifer Garland is a hardworking woman with her own career. She is a mother of two wonderful boys and devoted support in allowing Scott the ability to pursue his goals. She recently picked up a fishing rod for the first time since she was a young girl going ice fishing with her father. Over time, Jennifer has grown intrigued over the prospect of catching fish, especially the yellow perch. While she do not have the experience as most of the other team members, she shares in the same dedication and values of our Facebook groups and website. When she is not working her fulltime job, she is usually entertaining the two boys, trying to balance the family while also being an extra set of eyes for Scott and the other team members.

Mark Bartoletti- Administrator/Web Designer


Born in Northfield, CT and resides in Thomaston CT,  happily married with one son. Mark works full time as a plastic injection molding technition at a local factory as well as full time with his own web design, repair and business solutions company. Mark absolutely loves to fish and would happily do it 24 hours a day. He grew up a minute away from the Naugatuck river so that is one of his favorite places to fish but he also loves to hit the shores. Mark really enjoys the aspect of meeting up with members of Fishing CT to share stories and catch a few fish. If you are looking to meet up and try some new spots in Connecticut, Mark is definitely always open to that idea.

Shannon Mallette- Administrator

shannon mallette

Shannon Mallette is an admin and writer for FishingNortheast. Fishing has been a passion pretty much her entire life. She was lucky to grow up with her dad and his boat, watching and absorbing everything he did. Now her two sons are just as ecstatic about fishing and she is proud to pass on her knowledge and assist them to grow into amazing anglers. Her other passion is nursing, she works with special needs children. She also enjoys volunteering in her spare time to teach the special needs community how to fish. Largemouth bass are a favorite species to target but she also has a soft spot for catfish. She strongly believes in catch and release and in handling fish properly. She also believes in leaving your fishing areas cleaner than how you found them. A lot of her lures are chosen because they are pink, which makes it twice as exciting when she reels in a lunker! The thing that matters most to Shannon is spending quality time on the water with the people she cares about most. Shannon is the alternative member of Connecticut’s Fisheries Advisory Council (FAC) for Scott and she also became a certified DEEP Connecticut Aquatic Resources Education (CARE) instructor during February of 2017.

Jason Kordys- Forum Administrator

jason-kordysJason Kordys has loved fishing for as long as he remembers. He grew up fishing with his father both along the CT shore and freshwater. He has two sons, both of whom he hopes will share his passion. In addition to fishing, Jason also enjoys working at a local race track in emergency services. He is always up for meeting new members to go out fishing with.




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