Fishing Northeast Freshwater Challenge

Fishing Northeast is proud to announce a new tournament format, the FNE Freshwater Challenge. This tournament is a catch, photograph and release tournament (although you may keep the fish if you are within your state’s regulations). This is a season long tournament with monthly segments. You are not required to register for each month’s segment but by doing so you increase your chances of winning the end of season prize.

To register click on the month below that you are entering or click on the get entries to all link to enter all 6 months of competition and better your chance of winning the overall prize for the year.


Each registrant will receive via email, a unique code that will be their code of the month. Each month, each angler will receive a different code. Codes will be emailed between 6pm and midnight the day before the start of the monthly segment. If you register for a month that is already ongoing, you will receive your code within 24 hours. You are to write that code down on a piece of paper using a marker. This code must be clearly visible in the photo you submit of the fish with ruler/tape measure. You must also submit a photo of yourself holding the fish. All photos must be emailed in with the location of the catch stated. Catch locations will not be shared but used for informational purposes only. Please email all photo submissions along with the location of the catch to, including your monthly code in the subject line of the email. If measurements are not visable in the photo I will try to do my best to clarify with editing but if it still remains unclear, that photo/fish will receive the minimum points for that species. Photos submitted may be shared and used on website and other FNE platforms.

Photograph Requirement Examples Below

This is the general idea for photo of fish, measurement and unique monthly code.

When taking a selfie with a fish, try to have phone setup with timer if possible. We understand it is very difficult to snap photo with entire fish in selfie but please make the effort.




I will keep track of all photos for each contestant. There is a point system (below) for the fish submitted. Top 5 fish per category per angler during each monthly segment. Bonus fish (size doesn’t matter to receive bonus points): only one fish receives bonus points so after you submit a bonus fish photo you need not send anymore catches of that species….you will not get any extra bonus points.

At the end of the monthly segment, the angler that has accrued the most points will receive a $20 gift card/certificate to their choice of Cabela’s, Bass Pro or Fisherman’s Paradise. First place in the monthly segment will also receive 10 points in the season standings, with second place receiving 8 points, third place receiving 6 points, fouth place receiving 4 points, fifth place and lower will all receive 2 points in the season standings. An angler that catches the largest fish in a species during that monthly segment will also receive 2 points in the season standings.

At the end of the season, the contestant that accrues the most points between monthly segments will be deemed the 2017 FNE Freshwater Challenge Champion. They will receive a $100 gift card/certificate to their choice of Cabela’s, Bass Pro or Fisherman’s Paradise.

This competition is open to all anglers from New York, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. If you are a Connecticut resident but vacation in Vermont, you can submit your fish caught while in Vermont, etc. Remember, it is your responsibility to know the state’s regulations in which you are fishing. Mailing address is required so that potential prizes can be sent. Anybody that is caught cheating, will forfeit their entry fee already paid, lose all points, be disqualified from this competition and be banned from future FNE events.

TROUT PANFISH (sunfish, perch, rock bass, crappie) BASS (SMB/LMB) PICKEREL
< 12″ 1 point < 6″ 1 point <13.5″ 1 point < 10″ 1 point
12-15″ 2 points 6-9″ 2 points 13.51″-17″ 2 points 10-13″ 2 points
15.01-18″ 3 points 9.01-12″ 3 points 17.01″-20″ 3 points 13.01-17″ 3 points
18.01-21″ 4 points 12.01-16″ 4 points 20.01″-23″ 4 points 17.01-24″ 4 points
>21″ 5 points > 16″ 5 points >23″ 5 points > 24″ 5 points


  • Catfish/Horned Pout
  • Carp
  • Northern Pike
  • Walleye

2 points per category only (after one fish is submitted, no more fish count whether submitted or not)

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