Connecticut Ice Fishing Conditions

Connecticut Ice Fishing Conditions


These conditions have been acquired from multiple sources and are to be used as basic guidance for where “safe” ice can be found. Remember, ice is never 100% safe and these conditions are only to be used as guidance. It is 100% your responsibility to assure a location is safe to venture out onto. Fishing Northeast in no way will be held responsible for mishaps or inaccurate information. While we try to gain specific locations on bodies of water it is not always possible. Many reports are of general lake name with no specifics and sometimes not even an indication of which Lake “X” is being mentioned, some states have more than one Lake “X”. Have any other ice reports? Please comment below or contact us with details.


Please use extreme caution with these ice conditions. After last weeks warm temperatures and rain we saw many issues with edges, running water and drilled holes opening up on the ice from rain drainage. Many of these reports are from prior to the warmup as anglers have been slow to venture back into areas due to unsafe conditions.

Bantam Lake 7-8 inches in South Cove 1-15
Black Pond, Meriden 8 inches 1-11
Tyler Lake, Goshen 8 inches, use beach for safe edge entry 1-15
Stillwater Pond, Torrington 6 inches 12-31
Mount Tom 4-5 inches 12-30
Holebrook Pond 6 inches 12-30
Scoville Reservoir 7-8 inches 1-1
Red Cedar Lake, Lebanon 7 inches 12-31
Park Pond, Winchester 6 inches 12-31
Winchester Lake 7-8 inches 1-3
Lower Moody’s Reservoir  5+ inches 12-31
Long Meadow Pond, Naugatuck 6 inches 12-31
Crystal Lake, Ellington 6 inches in most spots 12-31
Amston Lake 5.5-6 inches 12-27
Beseck Lake 6 inches 12-29
Wethersfield Cove 10 inches 1-6
Batterson Park Pond 5 to 6 inches maybe 50 yards from shore 12-31
Bashan Lake Laurel Cove up 100 yards from shore 4-5 inches, spring areas are thin 12-31
Wrights Cove, Portland 6+ inches- forget about getting on/off anywhere within a few hours of high tide 12-31
Silver Lake 5-6 inches 12-30
Ball Pond 6 inches off boat launch 1-1
Hamlin Pond, Plainville 3.5-4 inches from launch out about 40-50 feet 12-29
Horse Pond, Salem 4 inches within 50 feet of launch on rte 85 12-29
Lower Bolton Lake 4.5 inches about 75 yds from launch 12-27
Anderson Pond North Stonington 5 inches 1-1
Billings Lake 4 inches, middle still sketchy 1-1
Avery Pond, Ledyard 5 inches 1-1
Lantern Hill Pond North Stonington 6 inches 1-1
Lake of Isles, North Stonington 5 inches 1-1
Wyassup Lake, North Stonington 6-7 inches 1-1
Amos Lake, Preston 4 inches 1-1
Long Pond 5 inches 1-1
Pachaug Pond 6 inches 1-15
Ashland Pond 5 Inches 1-1
Hopeville Pond 4 inches 1-1
Cedar Lake, Chester 6 inches 1-1
Squantz Pond 7-10 inches 1-6
Mashapaug 12 inches 1-11
Mansfield Hollow 7-8 inches 12-31
Gardner Lake 8 inches 1-15
Pattiganset Lake 5-6 inches 1-2
West Hill Pond 9-11 inches 1-14
Beach Pond 6 inches south end, 8-10 inches north end 1-2
Lake Zoar Most coves solid 6-8 inches, edges are tough 1-2
Crescent Pond, Southington 5-6 inches 1-15
Lake Lillinonah 6-7 inches 1-3
Candlewood Lake, Squantz Cove area towards islands 6-9 inches 1-7
Candlewood Lake, Skeleton Island area 10 inches 1-8
Highland Lake 4 inches 12-30
Long Meadow Pond, Bethlehem 8 inches 1-9
Housatonic River, Pink House Cove 6+ inches 1-3
Long Meadow Pond, Middlebury 8 inches 1-10
Congamond Lake, north pond 8-10 inches where cove meets big lake, edges are good 1-14
Tankerhoosen Lake 7-10 inches 1-11
Black Pond, Woodstock 8-10 inches -edges a little soft but no issues 1-14
Coventry Lake 6+ inches black ice 1-15
Congamond Lake, near Saunders 5-7 inches 1-14
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