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Freshwater & saltwater fishing reports. Want to know whats biting, what they are biting on and where they are biting? Check out the latest reports from other anglers, businesses and agencies from around New York.

  • New York Fishing Reports

    • Destination Niagara USA Fishing Forecast for December 14, 2017

      Back-to-back storms in Western New York had an impact on some of the fishing opportunities last week and weather continues to influence where and when you can fish. As this report is being written, it is 15 degrees out with a wind chill in the single digits. It is cold! […]

    • Orleans County Fishing Report (12-12-2017)

      Today is Tuesday December 12, 2017. Well the crews must have finished their work on the Erie Canal because the canal has been refilled to check the repairs. Once everything passes inspection the system should be dewatered again for the winter. For the tributaries within Orleans County this means added […]

    • Destination Niagara USA Fishing Forecast for December 7, 2017

      A good old-fashioned snow storm hit Western New York this week. In fact, it’s still going on south of Buffalo. So far, it hasn’t touched Niagara Falls USA with snow … but it did impact water conditions in the Niagara River. Rain and high winds hit first, creating a muddy […]

    • Orleans County Fishing Report (12-05-2017)

      Today is Tuesday December 5, 2017. Well it looks like the vacation from winter like weather may be over with rain and snow in the forecast over the next week or two. With the on and off rain today, tributary levels and clarity of the tributaries within Orleans County should […]

    • Destination Niagara USA Fishing Forecast for November 8, 2017

      After some intense weather over the weekend and cold weather blowing in the end of this week, you will have to pick and choose how and where you want to fish. Niagara Falls USA waters fared better than most in Western New York, just in time for the Veteran’s Day […]

    • Salmon Run 2017: ‘Plenty of fish in the river for the weekend — fish on!’

      The fall salmon run on the Salmon River and other Lake Ontario tributaries traditionally peaks this coming weekend. All reports point to that occurring – and mostly continuing for a bit. Wednesday night’s rain in some areas and recent cooler temperatures at night should help on the Salmon River and […]

    • Destination Niagara USA Fishing Forecast for October 4, 2017

      Get ready for another slug of fish to arrive in the Niagara River and area tributaries off Lake Ontario! Both wind and rain are in the forecast and that could be the trigger to bring some more fish into area waters. In the lower Niagara River, Capt. Frank Campbell of […]

    • Orleans County Fishing Report (9-12-2017)

      Today is Tuesday September 12, 2017. The cool down in the temperatures at night have started to move pre-spawn trout and salmon even closer to the tributaries that they will be spawning in. Early morning and late evening fishermen working the waters around the jetties on Point Breeze have had some […]

    • Salmon Run 2017: More and larger coho than normal being caught in Salmon River

      If this weekend is an indication, this fall’s salmon run on Lake Ontario’s tributaries will surpass last year’s run in regard to numbers and size of fish. In addition, the timing of when steelhead and browns follow the salmon up the tributaries to feed on their eggs appears to be […]

    • Salmon Run 2017: ‘Epic’ early run on Salmon River, fish reported in other tribs

      The latest on the fall salmon run on the Lake Ontario tributaries still has the Salmon River leading the pack with the most fish moving upstream from the lake due to the waterway’s cooler temperatures. A major run Wednesday morning of Chinooks through the privately owned, Douglaston Salmon Run on the lower […]

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